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About us

Collettivo Autorganizzato Universitario (Self Organized University Collective) was born in September 2008, during the mobilization against the 133/08  law, from the will of many comrades coming from different political experiences (social centers, student collectives, political collectives) to pursue, in the various Neapolitan universities, a political path with a clear class connotation, following the struggles in which we have been committed in the past years.

We think that University, as a place of production and transmission of knowledge, is one of the fields where we can perform the conflict, contesting the model of unfair and oppressive society that is imposed to us. We want to struggle for a real right to study, against the baronial logics and the cooptation mechanisms, in order to unmask, denounce and fight the always tighter economic relations between athenaeums and firms, against the transformation of universities in private foundations, against all processes that increase precarity and that break up social rights. In this struggle we know we’re not alone, in Europe and in the whole world people are protesting for the same reforms and attacks that we stand in Italy.

We retain that students do not form an isolated group, untied from what happens out of the universities: for this reason we deal with war and anti-militarism, anti-fascism and reclaim of the historical memory , self determination of people, copyright and patents, anti sexism and social exclusion.

The term self organized is not used by chance: the whole independence from parties and trade unions built completely enslaved (subordinated) to the capital’s interests, is a central feature of our political activity and we think it’s a fundamental and necessary characteristic in order to build a horizontal structure that will propose true adversarial practices.



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Info & contact

Collettivo Autorganizzato Universitario Meets on Tuesdays and Fridays, at 2 p.m.
In the Self Managed Classroom R5 (Giusso Palace, Orientale University, Largo S. Giovanni Maggiore, 30- Naples)

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Ci trovi tutti i giorni presso l'Aula Autogestita R5 (Palazzo Giusso Università Orientale Largo S. Giovanni Maggiore 30, Napoli)
Assemblea tutti i martedì e venerdì, ore 16